Carpet & Upholstery Services

Tile & Stone Services

Commercial Services

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • VCT Strip & Wax
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Emergency Water Extraction
  • High Rise Carpet and Floor Care
  • Post Consruction clean up
  • Make Ready Service
  • Fight the war on DIRT!

SUPERHEROES! General Methods

Residential Carpet Cleaning

SUPERHEROES! employs the steam cleaning method which is recommended by most carpet manufactures to remove dirt, allergens and toxins from your carpeting.We have up to date Truck mounts and portable units

The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Studies have shown that dirty carpets can reduce the indoor air quality of your home. Affecting children, the elderly and those burdened with allergies. Regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning will reduce the amount of air borne contaminants that affect your families health. A clean home is a healthy and happy home.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

SUPERHERO Technicians specialize in removing the dirt and grease from your tile and grout lines. With our High pressure steam cleaning method we will bring your tile floors back to their clean and beautiful glory.

We agressively scrub the grout lines to remove those sinister stains and the freeloading filth that is lerking around your grout lines. Then we neutralize the the villianious dirt by Steaming it out with high pressure and high temperature H2O. After the steam process we will extract the excess water and dry the floor, returning you floor to a beautifully clean and peaceful state.

Commercial Services

Here at SUPERHEROES! we know that in your store or office a clean appearance is essential to a great image with your clients and good morale with your employees.

SUPERHEROES! technicians are experts in Commercial Cleaning

Businesses tend to have a variety of floors so we have to know several different cleaning methods to meet your needs.

To meet your needs we offer these services:

•Carpet cleaning •Upholstery cleaning •area rug cleaning •VCT strip & Wax •Buffing •marble polishing •natural stone cleaning and restoration •hard surface cleaning •Tile & Grout cleaning •Wood floor cleaning